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My name is Jamie Boley and welcome to Polar Bear Forge. This is my personal website where I display my knives, as well as some of the other projects that I work on. You'll also find information about me and my philosophy about bladesmithing. 

Originally, this site was to showcase my knives.  I have drifted away from knives and don't spend that much time working on them right now.  Recently, in addtion to the variety of kits I offer, I've been working making bows again.  I've also been spending time woodworking, building a new chicken coop from reclaimed pallets.

In addition to knives, I have a few other products.

 Looking for a belt sander (grinder) for knifemaking or other metal working hobbies?  Check out my grinder in a box.

Looking for lamellar armour for SCA or other styles of fighting?  I have laser cut lamellar plates available as well.  

Looking for a coat of plates kit for for SCA kit, newbie armour, or loaner armour?  Check out my coat of plates kit.

Need a helm for protecting your head?  Check out my helm kit.

Recently I have acquired and am selling a gauntlet kit.  









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