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Grinder in a box!

Welcome!  This page tells about the grinder in a box, or GIB for short.  The kit is the structural part for a belt sander.  It can be used for knifemaking, blacksmithing, or any other hobby where belt sanders come in handy.  

I have always built my own grinders, and found the most difficult portion, was keeping everything lined up properly.  This kit is the chassis of the grinder, and makes that task easier.  A fully functional and sturdy grinder can be built in an afternoon if you have all the parts.  The kit is laser cut from 1/2 inch thick mild steel.

I am selling this grinder kit for $250 plus shipping ($11.30 in the US via USPS flat rate box, the USPS raised their flat rate boxes on January 29, 2013.)  I can only make it to the post office to ship these on Fridays or Saturdays.  I'll have everything boxed up and ready to ship each week. When ordering, please include which platen style you'd prefer. I do accept credit cards(not paypal, though).  

To order, go to my ordering page.  Click the corresponding button.  If there are questions, please ask before ordering.  Thanks!

I will ship internationally. The flat rate box is limited to 20 pounds, so it takes 3 boxes this way. I have found that it is still quite a bit cheaper than sending one 55# pound box. The shipping for Canada and Mexico is $122.85(3 X $40.95) and for everywhere else is $179.85 (3 X $59.95).

I will also sell the platen setup invidually. Either the multi platen or the standard platen are $20 apiece with shipping still at $11.30 in the USA, $40.95 for Canada and Mexico, and $59.95 for everywhere else.

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