SLING - SingLe INtent Grinder.

There some amazing grinders out there.  Some of them transform from one setup to another to another.  Many of them are also more expensive.  That makes sense, considering the engineering that goes into them, the tools needed to make them, and the variety of parts needed.

I know that many people are like me.  They setup a grinder (or tool in general) and don't want to change it everytime, no matter how quick or easy.  I have the space, and for the longest time I had three grinders.  (I'm rebuilding my grinding room, and once it's done, I'll have four.)

The SLING grinder kit is designed with a number things in mind.
  • It's a single setup system.  It's not mean to do everything.  It's easy enough to setup one for flat grinding, one for hollow grinding, and one for a coat rack...   ;)
  • It is still designed to fit in a flat rate box, but this time it's the large, gameboard flat rate box.  Shipping is a little more, but look what can be build with the SLING......
Here are a few quick videos to show that is included.  

Flat SLING - Wheel SLING - Combo SLING

Shipping is via USPS large flat rate shipping in the USA only.  I will weigh the pieces and see what shipping looks like for international orders.

Please remember to check out my shipping status page to see if things are shipping on time.  Right now, turn around time is currently 4-6 weeks.


A flat SLING.   It has wheels above and below a platen.  It will work with 2" or 3" wheels.  Platen and support brackets will be included!
Flat SLING  $115.00
A wheel SLING.  This will allow a single setup for hollowing grinding.  Accepted wheel sizes will be from 4" to 10".  Larger may work, but I haven't verified.
Wheel SLING $110.00
A combo SLING.  This is the closest thing to a multi purpose tool in the SLING lineup.  It will be similar to the flat SLING, but will allow a 2" or 3" wheel at the top and a 6" or 8" wheel at the bottom with a flat platen inbetween.
Combo SLING $115.00