The GIB 2.0 kit included the following items.  The order area is further down the page.

The kit comes standard with choice of one of the following two platens.  The multi platen allows use of a flat platen and two different sized wheels, while the standard platen is mainly intended for flat grinding.

To order click the button that corresponds to the kit you would like.

I ship on Fridays/Saturdays.  If there will be something that will cause a delay, it will be listed in my shipping status page.

After payment is made, I will receive notification immediately.  It will go into my shipping queue.  Once the kit ships, you will receive an email from the USPS with tracking information.


There will be no shipments the week of 12/9.

I have a lot going on at work right now.  Sometimes I have had to work late work late on Fridays.  Over the course of the next few monthes, I forsee this happening more frequently than is typical.

I normally packag everything for shipment on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.  This means that I may have to skip out on shipping for a week with very little notice.  I'll try to work some packaging time in earlier in the week.

If you have a definate timeline, please email me about it before making payment and I'll see what I can do to hit that.  Thanks!


Grinder in a box kit 2.0 with multi platen $275.00
Grinder in a box kit 2.0 with standard platen $275.00
Grinder in a box kit 2.0 with both platens $295.00
Standard platen only $20.00
Multi platen only $20.00
Accessory kit $25.00

The accessory kit is the platen itself plus two mounting brackets.